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Cortez, the Nike model that has gone viral

Who does not have (or had in his childhood) the legendary model Stan Smith of adidas Originals? In this life everything returns and in the world of the shoe the models of yesteryear resurface from their ashes to petar it as a second chance. And today we focus on the firm contrary to that: Nike. With many mythical models along the way (Jordan, AirMax, Huarache ...) today we pay full attention to one who was born in the 70s and who responds to the name of Cortez. And it is that over the months, this it has gone viral.

That is why it should not surprise you if you start to see it in the streets repeatedly: the pandemic begins. Are you ready? Here are the models that will dazzle you and how you will be able to combine them.

Street views

The street is the best scenario to know if something is going to succeed or not. And social networks the best highway to advance at the speed of light. And for a few months, more and more followers are introducing this new Model to your shoemaker. Are you one of them?

Before icons

The Cortez model became very popular in the 70s

Like all revivals, this is not a new model now. The firm has been adding new features along the way, such as the thicker sole, the use of different patterns or striking tones, but the truth is that it has been petitioning for a long time. With a classic model composed of nuclear white, red and electric blue, faces well known at the time as Farraf Fawcett posed with the shoes to star in their campaign. Although most people can relate it to a character totally opposed to it, Forrest Gump. And these were his mythical travel companions.

Choose your version

  • Classic Loyal Cortez blue sneakers in Asos, 84.99 euros.
  • With gray print on Foot Locker, 94.99 euros.
  • Red leather in Amazon, 94.45 euros.
  • With the extra thick sole in Net-a-porter, 170 euros.
  • Mustard color in Nike, 80 euros.

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