McQueen parfum. Exclusivity inside a jar

We have new fragrance in Da House, and this time it comes from the hand of the British firm Alexander McQueen. Under the name of McQueen Parfum, this one comes from the Floral Oriental olfactory family. But before getting excited, we have to break the charm and put our feet on the ground: the extreme luxury It is present, and each of the 50ml bottles they will cost 350 euros. That said, we can continue with this object of desire.

A very limited edition that will be distributed in a few places and strategically. Although the house has already announced that this summer 2016 will launch a cheaper version with small changes in its composition. Even so, it is worth admiring the work: its delicate black bottle is dressed with golden feathers.

The house has wanted to create a mysterious and unique perfume where three nocturnal flowers are the protagonists. If the poems could be liquid, this would be a romantic and daring one.

What does it smell like?

  • Release Notes Clove, pink pepper and black pepper.
  • Heart. Jasmine Sambac (Sampaguita), Nardos and Ylang-Ylang.
  • Background Notes Vetiver

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