Famous Fashion

Zara Philips is inspired by the style of Charlene Wittstock

On November 19, on the occasion of the National Day of Monaco, the princess Charlene of Monaco He deigned to make an appearance and left us all with his mouth open to wear a sober but very stylish asymmetric suit-coat in cassis color Akris signature.

For such an important occasion, Charlene Wittstock once again trusted her fetish designer, the great Albert Kriemler Akris brand who created for her this original model of inspiration Years 20, which was characterized by its long sleeves and round neck, with a body that fit as if it were a second skin and that fell ahead in a straight skirt with a length above the knees, becoming asymmetrical from behind.

The designer advised him to combine it with some salons and gloves of the same tone and with a bell hat felt adorned with a voilette that gave the whole a very crazy touch to the 20s.

The Akris brand is a swiss family luxury brand created in 1922 that is famous throughout the world for its impeccable clothing and for working only with the best fabrics.

He Cheltenham Festival It is one of the oldest and most traditional festivals in England, and is celebrated every year at the Cheltenham thermal station. During the 4 days of the festival, in addition to jazz, classical music, science and literature, the Gold cup day, a prestigious horse race.

Zara Philips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II of England, is a fantastic Amazon who loves horses, and whenever she can come to support with her presence all the championships that have to do with horse riding especially when they are related to events of charity like the Gold Cup Day of Cheltenham.

This year, the older cousin of princes William and Harry seems to have inspired by the outfit that Kriemler created for Charlene Wittstock although he preferred to replace the cap with a headdress adorned with a rose and a feather of the same eggplant tone as his coat. It is clear that, although it is the same is not the same, do not you think?