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Modern looks to go to the office

What should I wear ...

Here is the question the 99'99% of the population every morning upon waking up Wasting time does not cool, and less when you do it against a closet full of clothes and with no idea how to combine them (or boring of the formulas you used so far). You are not alone, this feeling happens to everyone ... More in the time when we are it is neither too cold nor too hot. That is why we resort to the divine inspiration of bloggers and the street stylers It becomes a must. And here are some ideas that they can help you spend less time discarding clothes.

The pantsuit is synonymous with modern and original if you combine it with a cotton shirt. Opposite poles attract and mixing classic clothes with other simple ones (and of a sport nature) can be the key to success.

Add color to the final styling

But for all those who want to start enjoying spring in all its splendor, here is a proposal where the color comes from the hand of a striking blouse with print. A single garment is able to become the protagonist of an outfit and make it perfect for 24x7.

Video: Best Intro Ever - The Office US (February 2020).