Femmes in Dior, the exhibition that can already be seen in the Christian Dior museum in Granville

The exhibition was officially opened on May 5 “Femmes in Dior” in the museum that Dior has in Granville (Normandy). An exhibition, of which they have also edited book, which pay tribute to all those famous or anonymous women who wore the creations of the Maison Dior.

Through their style and the clothes they use when dressing, women are able to convey a lot of information without saying a single word. Since Monsieur Dior He began to create for them his wonderful proposals, and then also with the help of designers that succeeded him At the reins of his Maison de Couture, many women have been able to find a way to express their own individuality.

Since 1947 these women have been interwoven very intimate relationships with clothes that left the velvety universe of the firm's workshops to become the privileged testimony of the most important moments of their lives.

In the exhibition “Women in Dior - Sublime elegance of a portrait” 90 haute couture costumes worn by women of the aristocracy or ambassadors, the spectacle, the theater or the French and international cinema can be seen, Photographs, Pictures, drawings Y letters In the house where the designer lived they evoke the elegance of all these women.

The selection and the staging From this exhibition, which can be seen until September 25, they have been able to perfectly illustrate the events of the past in which all these women dressed in Dior participated.

As we also turn the pages of the book written by Laurence Benaïm, a French writer and journalist specializing in fashion, we will discover the pleasures and the memories, the day and night suits of many celebrities and friends of the house from the princess Grace of Monaco to Marion Cotillard or Natalie Portman going through Lady Di or Rihanna.

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