This smart robot allows you to be in two places at once and makes Alexa look like technology from the past

There is an episode of the sixth season of Modern Family in which Phil is out of town, so he has no choice walk around at home on a tablet. Thanks to a mobile structure you can follow your family and interact with them through video calling.

The structure exists in real life but it doesn't stop being just that: a structure.

The idea of ​​creating something similar but with artificial intelligence incorporated came to Yossi Wolf, CEO of the company of the same name, when his grandmother began having trouble moving from one room to another in the house. I wanted to have the possibility of check how he was when he didn't answer the phone so he surrounded himself with a team of engineers to create something that would correct the inability to teleport or duplicate to be able to be in two places at the same time.

This is how Temi was created, a robot with functions similar to those of Google and Amazon assistants. Temi responds to voice commands and connects with other smart devices. However, it brings something they don't have to the market: their own autonomy. So much that when it is running out of battery, he just moves to the charging base to connect.

In addition, if indicated, he is able to follow humans when they move. You can do it automatically and also be remotely directed from anywhere in the world With a mobile. In this way, it allows an absent person be present in two places at once even through a screen.

The objective of this intelligent robot is to make the virtual presence an experience as close as possible to the classroom. Therefore, not only can you scroll, but the screen adapts and orientates where you perceive your caller to be always centered and give you the feeling that you are looking at him.

Although it was initially designed to monitor people who need care, once launched, the project has also been designed with executives who spend a lot of time away from home or who cannot always go to the office where they are carried out. the meetings. The third market that it points to is that of youtubers and influencers by allowing record on the move, leaving your hands free.

The first models are about to leave the factory and have a price of 1,500 euros Nothing negligible as it is a figure that is already around some computers and even high-end smartphones today.

The biggest drawback, leaving aside the interference in your privacy that can be assumed, is that It only operates in English and Chinese for now We will have to wait a little longer until we can ask for the weather or ask to play our favorite song in any of the 25 new languages ​​in which the company already works for incorporation