Ikea recreates the rooms of Friends, Stranger Things and The Simpsons with their furniture making it possible to live in a television series in a low cost way

What fan of Friends have not you ever wanted that his salon looked a bit more like Monica Geller's? Or, after seeing Stranger Things, that had a more eighties air. Or, perhaps, the harmony of the pastel colors of The Simpson.

Fiction usually makes us wish real life was a bit more like a set in which everything seems casual but where everything is perfectly calculated. And, although they are two independent realities incapable of existing at the same time, it is possible to make them, at times, get so close that they touch each other.

It is what, for example, Ikea has achieved with this campaign for which he has recreated the iconic halls of the three series mentioned above using only your furniture and accessories.

Testing various combinations of furniture of different styles and sizes have made it possible make our homes decorated in Hollywood at an affordable price.

Of course, we must recognize that have a space with a similar distribution and paint layers of the same colors It also helps (a lot). However, do not panic because, in the selection, the Swedish chain has thought of everything and has even included the paint cans that are needed for the cause.

In addition, some of the furniture is part of its most economical range and, therefore, more popular as Billy shelves or Lack coffee tables. For having, they have even the LED lights necessary to communicate with the World of the Reverse.

Although they warn that, in some cases, items shown have had to be personalized to get a finish more similar to those we are used to watching on television.

The campaign has been launched digitally for the Arab Emirates and all the details of it can be found here. But nevertheless, Products are available in Ikea stores around the world. The only thing we would have to contribute is a little creativity and imagination.

Video: Ikea recreates living rooms from 'The Simpsons,' 'Friends,' and 'Stranger Things' (February 2020).