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Five frequent mistakes we make when we go on a diet to lose weight

We will not deny it, dieting and trying to lose weight is difficult. The point is that sometimes the difficulties do not come from the fact of being on a diet itself, but from the contradictory information we have with regard to nutrition and the amount of myths and rumors that exist regarding diets.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, in these months in which the diets proliferate, we end up making mistakes that we do not know and that can cause us not to lose weight or that when we leave the diet we have a great rebound effect. The following are five of the most common mistakes.

Avoid eating fruit at night

Surely more than one of you has ever heard that fruit is better not to eat at night because it makes you fat. The reality is that there is no evidence to suggest may this statement hide some reality.

Fruit is a perfectly healthy food at any time of the day and should be part of our diet in all cases. Of course, we must remember that it is appropriate to consume it whole and to bite. When we make it juice, the fruit loses the fiber and, therefore, the fructose acts in our body as free sugar.

But if we choose whole fruit, bites and above to replace other less healthy foods, the benefits of the fruit are assured at any time.

Eliminate hydrates completely (and point to pasta as a great enemy of weight loss)

Hydrates - with special fixation in pasta - have been noted as the great enemies of diets and weight loss. However, a slimming diet It can include pasta and carbohydrates without any problem. The only thing we have to look at is the type of carbohydrates we choose.

When choosing carbohydrates it is recommended that we opt for complex hydrates, whose glucose release is slower, allowing it to be metabolized properly. To do this, we should opt for whole wheat flour and whole grains and get away from refined flours and cereals.

Choose to consume light soda

Another of the most common mistakes is to find people who, because they are on a diet, choose to consume soft drinks - and other foods - light, believing that this will help them lose weight. The bad news is that this does not seem to be true. Moreover, in some cases it seems that it can even cause us to gain weight.

These types of products are still ultraprocessed foods, without any nutrient and that also contain sweeteners. These sweeteners they can alter our sweetness threshold causing us to have greater appetite for sweet foods and are associated with a greater feeling of hunger and with a higher rate of abdominal fat.

Both for our health, and for our weight, the most suitable drinks are water or those made from water: teas, infusions, flavored waters (without sugar) or sparkling water.

Consume supplements or meal replacements

I'm sure you've seen them in supermarkets, herbalists and even in pharmacies. Dietary supplements and food substitutes - in the form of bars, shakes, etc. - they are everywhere and they can be tempting.

However, they do not usually work to help us lose weight and yes so that the diet comes out at a fairly high price. Many of these products contain large amounts of sugars.They do not provide us with nutrients, they replace healthy foods and they do not teach us to eat healthier in the long term.

Further, with a proper and balanced diet We can reach all our nutritional needs without the need for supplements that also do not seem to be effective - the Spanish population does not seem to have vitamin deficiencies, etc. - except B12 in the case of vegan people -.

Get away from all fats, including healthy ones

A bit like carbohydrates, when we go on a diet we tend to run away from all the fats. The rumorology about diets suggests that foods such as nuts or avocado are very fatty and, therefore, could not be consumed on a diet.

Luckily, this belief could not be further from reality. Indeed, in a healthy diet - not only to lose weight, but for health - we should stay away from saturated and trans fats as much as we can. However, lThings are different in the case of polyunsaturated fats such as those present in nuts, olives, avocados, etc.

In this case, not only do we not have to remove them from our diet, but they could even help us lose weight. Of course, in any weight loss diet the basic thing is to achieve a caloric deficit and, therefore, you must take into account how many calories we eat and consume less than we burn. But that does not mean that we should remove healthy fats. They not only bring benefits to our body, but also They will help us avoid craving for trans fats.

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