Go preparing the credit card that the wonderful collection of Gigi Hadid for Maybelline arrives in Spain

Notification to the song, of those that give us tremendous joy, although we know that our economy will not come out very well. So far we have seen many things of the collection created by Gigi Hadid for Maybelline, from the first palette that was launched and he petted it completely by hanging the sold out poster in just 90 minutes, to the rest of the collection that we have been able to see through Instagram photos. As well, it's our turn because it comes to Spain and before what you think

Already only seeing the still lifes of the firm I remain with my mouth open, so imagine with each and every one of the pieces that look great, honestly I will not be able to choose a single thing because they all attract my attention, Of course, there is no sign of the initial palette, which is an absolute shame.


Let's see, in this collection there are two trends differentiated, those of East Coast Glam and those of the West Coast Glam: in the first one the nude ones predominate, while the second one is more powerful and the lipsticks are red. So, as for the lipsticks we can find the perfect nude according to Gigi Hadid and his favorite, or very cane reds. Its price is of 7,99 €. No doubt with one it must be done (if there are not two).

For the face

Instead of using the term makeup base, as they are not properly, we will not call them that, but we have a first with color That can make us the base times. its Price is € 11.99.

And on the other hand, we have Liquid Strobing for which I already drool. Yes, the technique of giving effect glowhis face is transferred to a small boat with which to get that perfect skin shine that Gigi embodies so well. The price is the same as the previous one, 11,99 €.


Undoubtedly, one cannot be missing among the elect mascara That looks great too. As it seems from the photo of the still life above, the Goupillon is silicone and slightly curved, which always gives more volume to the eyelashes, separating them perfectly. Yes, I love her too and her price accompanies, 12,99 €.

Various pencils

Yes, we have several pencils, from the gel eyes which is what you have on the lines with a price of 9,99 €

To the one in whiter tones for the waterline with which to get wide the look for more natural looks.

A eyeliner marker-shaped liquid, of easy application, it could not be missing since the outlined one is still pure tendency in both day and night looks. Its price is of 8,99 €.

And of course, lip profilers Good for nude or red. Its price is of 5,99 €. As a curiosity I will tell you that Gigi is the one who first paints his lip and then profiled it, curiously.

Paint brushes

And also beautiful, things as they are, and totally affordable, € 9.99 each.

Looks to choose

I had never found a range of products that had my favorite colors, to get a complete look. In addition, I have always thought that a good makeup does not have to cost a fortune. That is why I am so excited about my collaboration with Maybelline NY, I have been able to create a product that I had never found before and also, at an affordable price

These are the words of Gigi Hadid to define this collection and what she looks for in makeup issues. Obviously, we cannot agree more with the fact that quality products do not have to be very expensive Since there are many low cost that have an even higher quality than other high-end ones, the issue is to find them and never take it for granted that the fact of costing more means that it is better.

So, we are excited because she also shares what we like with affordable products and with which to get looks like yours with juicy skins, matte lips in red or nude, depending on the occasions, perfect delineated ... and all with a lovely packaging, of simple lines, also chosen by Gigi herself. A jewel this collection!

The date is…

And most important of all, when can we get the collection? Well, very simple, from November 6, but you have to keep in mind that it is launched in limited edition so you have to be very aware and not think much.

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