There are romantic movies for all tastes and these eight premieres of 2018 will show you

Yes, it's true: you could be watching Noa's diary in loop. And again. And one. And another. And give. But from time to time we like to enjoy a completely new story, but that causes us the same feelings and take our breath away. As the most romantic premieres of this 2018 and that we tell you now.

Forever my girl

Based on the novel with the same title of Heidi McLaughlin, Forever my girl It is the kind of movie with all the ingredients we ask for a good romantic story. Liam Page, the protagonist played by Alex Roe, is a country music star who left his fiancee to focus on his meteoric professional career and who years later returns to the town where he grew up for the funeral of his best friend. The question of whether he will have managed to forget first love, Josie, played by Jessica Rothe, and if he will be able to recover it after leaving it planted on the altar will keep us all the film in suspense. This past was released month of January.

An inner sun

With one of the most impressive deals From French cinema, including big names like Juliette Binoche and Gérard Depardieu, this film is released about Isabelle, a divorced mother who despite triumphing in her career as an artist continues to seek true love, despite the many disappointments she has. It premiered on April 6.

With love, Simon

Based on the homonymous novel by Becky Albertalli, With love, Simon tells the story of a teenager who does not dare to reveal his homosexuality and who is involved in a mess when someone publishes his confession on the institute's blog. It could be the typical teenage movie that we can't see without popcorn, but besides being a wonderful story it has movie producers like Under the same star and with Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel playing Simon's parents. It premiered the month of March.

The laws of thermodynamics

The doctor should prescribe a romantic comedy from time to time to improve health. And more if it is signed by the hand of Mateo Gil and tells us the story of Manel, a brilliant but somewhat neurotic physicist who sees how his relationship with Elena, a quoted model and aspiring actress fails because of the three laws of thermodynamics. It opens on April 20.

Midnight love

In this case we are facing a adaptation of a japanese movie, with the same title and directed by Norihiro Koizumi, and already watching the trailer we know that we will cry as much as with A walk to Remember. Katie, who gives life to actress Bella Thorne, is a girl who suffers from a rare disease that makes sunlight very dangerous for her and lives locked up during the day at home. Your life will change when you meet Charlie one night, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, and start a relationship. Premieres May 4


Another film based on a novel, in this case by Lisa Klein and inspired by the characters immortalized by Shakespeare. Ofelia is a beautiful young woman who falls in love with Prince Hamlet and will become the protagonist of one of the essential romantic films for this 2018. With Naomi Watts, Clive Owen and George MacKay, among others. No confirmed date of premiere in Spain.

A star has been born

Although you have never seen the 1976 version, surely you know the mythical title of this musical starred by Barbra Streissand and Kris Kristofferson and now returns with a version that will leave us speechless with its new protagonists: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. An incredible love story between Amy, an actress willing to fulfill her dream in Hollywood, and Jackson, a finished actor who discovers in her love the reason to move on. We will have to wait until October to se her.

Alita: Battle Angel

As our Espinof companions tell us, this film is based on 'Gunnm', an action and science fiction manga created by Yukito Kishiro. Set in the XXVI century, it focuses on the story of a cyborg with amnesia that is rescued from a landfill. The reconstructed Alita only remembers her martial arts training and becomes a warrior who persecutes and eliminates the worst criminals ... but she is also trying to remember her human side and this is where Hugo, a mysterious boy, plays an important role. With Rosa Salazar as the protagonist, Jennifer Connelly and Mahershala Ali.

Photo | A star has been born

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