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Checked: these are the 5 coolest (and most sought after) sneakers of the moment

For some seasons now, the sport shoes They are not only used for sports: the firms have taken advantage of their pull and launched urban versions that mimic our daily style. The world of this type of footwear is experiencing unlimited fury which causes certain models to become the most sought after and their price in the second hand market Triples without problem. Today we show you 5 models that are breaking hearts and hopefully they can be yours.

Out of stock models in most stores

  • Adidas ADV Twinstrike multicolor model, 179.95 euros.
  • Nike Air Max 270 "Flight Gold" model, 149.90 euros.
  • Thunder desert in green Cougar.
  • Model I-5923 in white and blue from adidas Originals x Foot Locker, 129.99 euros.
  • One Star model in red and blue from Converse X GOLF Le Fleur, 109.99 euros.

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