French coffee and bulldogs: the definitive combo for an afternoon of happiness (very instagramproof) is in London

Nothing that can happen in London surprises us anymore. The city has been around for centuries the forefront of everything that means modernity and every day we have a new fashion store to go to mass. The last one will arrive in September and will be a paradise for dog lovers (and everything cuqui, in general).

It will be called Frenchie Café and it will be an experience pop up of a day sponsored by the creators of Pug Café and Dachshund Café. If these were dedicated to the Carlinos (or pugs) and the dachshund, the Frenchie will focus all his attention on the French bulldogs. An experience in the purest style of nekos or Japanese cat cafes, but with dogs and in the British capital.

The chosen day is next September 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:20 p.m.. All owners of a French bulldog are invited to attend the event to be held at The Happenstance restaurant, at 10 Paternoster Square, very close to St Paul's Cathedral.

As of August 18, reservations can be made on the event website. The entrance fee will be 10 pounds for those who are accompanied by a French bulldog and 15 for those who go alone. The ticket price includes a puppuccino (he capuccino for dog lovers) and a bag of pupcorn (popcorn suitable for dogs).

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